The Ultimate Magnetic Hive Tool Holder

$ 19.99

SKU: 1553

  • Keep your hive tools ready for fast access.
  • Never misplace your hive tool again.
  • Takes the frustration out of looking for missing hive tools.
  • Fast access to your hive tools.
  • Easy, quick, storage of your hive tools.
  • Dual magnets keeps hive tools secure, yet allow easy release.
  • Works on both steel and stainless steel hive tools.
  • Raised recessed magnets allow bent edge of hive tool to face in for safety.
  • EZ-GRIP of hive tools; with or without gloves.
  • Tough Technopolymer is easily cleaned to prevent disease transmission.
  • Adjustable belt fits waists up to 48”.
  • Light weight, just a few ounces.
  • No more holes in your pockets from hive tools.
  • No more propolis, wax or honey on your clothes from hive tool contact.
  • No more surprises when you get in your vehicle with your hive tool still in your pocket.
  • EZ-On/EZ-Off Quick Release side buckle.


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