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Original Pierco Frames/Foundations - Plastic

Pierco Original Frames have stood the test of time.  Developed in the 1970's by our founder Paul Pierce, Pierco frames are the gold standard for demanding beekeepers that will accept nothing but the best for their bees.  Black or white, waxed or unwaxed, 9 inch or 6 inch, Pierco Frames are unmatched in quality, performance, and honey production.

Not quite ready to make the leap to One-Piece Pierco Frames? Then dip your toe into the Pierco stream with Pierco Snap-In Foundations.  Our foundations offer the same industry standard cell structure used in our Frames that was perfected by our founder Paul Pierce over 35 years ago.  Pierco foundations are unmatched for quality, proven performance, and a lifetime of honey production.  Just snap-in and treat your bees to the best foundations on the market.  Nothing compares to genuine Pierco foundations.