Lyson Manual Uncapping Head Only

$ 2,999.99
By Lyson

SKU: 1580

Add this manual uncapping head to your uncapping tank to streamline your processing method for shallow, medium, or deep Langstroth frames.


This Lyson Manual Uncapping Head is sold separately from the Lyson Manual Uncapping Tank, SKU # 1579.

Buy the tank first and then when the time is right add this head to increase your uncapping capacity or mount it on your own tank. Includes a steam generator and condensate tank or provide your own steam system.

This uncapping head is designed for shallow, medium and deep Langstroth frames. It is factory set by Lyson using standard frames. After uncapping, the frames are supported by their top bar ears between the uncapper mounting flanges.

Product specifications:

  • 120VAC 15 Amp power required (knife motor)
  • 120VAC or 240VAC steamer included with condensate tank (pail)
  • Four slotted holes for mounting to top of tank
  • Mounting hole dimensions: 5/16" wide by 3/4" long (center to center)
  • Distance between holes along mounting surface: 10-1/4"
  • Outside width of uncapper mounting flanges: 21-3/4"
  • Inside width of uncapper mounting flanges: 17-7/8"

This Lyson Classic Line product is covered by a 5-year structural and a 2-year/24-month limited warranty.