Lyson Manual Uncapping Tank and Cover

$ 1,099.99
By Lyson

SKU: 1579

This uncapping tank has the same capacity as our 1500mm Uncapping Tank but it has stronger and heavier legs to support the weight of the Lyson Manual Uncapping Head. The uncapping head can be purchased in the future and fits this tank's side/top flange using predrilled holes and four fasteners. Invest in the future of your honey house and use this tank with your current uncapping method or use the steam-heated table-top uncapper until the uncapper head is needed.

The tank will hold up to 35 frames leaving space for the uncapping operation or the uncapping head. The legs have rolling casters (two lockable) to easily move the unit around the honey house. Stainless steel side rails located just under the tank top hold frames above the cappings while waiting to be extracted. Two sieve pans cover the tank bottom to hold wax cappings and are elevated to allow the cappings and honey to separate. A 1-1/2" stainless steel welded honey gate drains honey to a bucket or sump. A stainless steel cover keeps the bees out when leaving the cappings to drain. The cover will not fit when the manual uncapping head is installed.


Product Information:

Ships in a box and requires assembly.

Tank Details:

  • Outside Dimensions: 21-3/4" wide x 61-3/4" long
  • Inside Dimensions: 19-1/8" wide x 59-1/8" long (1500mm)
  • Frame support strips: 5/8" below tank top and 5/8" wide
  • Distance between frame support rails: 17-7/8"
  • Tank straight side depth: 15" (bend for trapezoid)
  • Tank depth at bottom of trapezoid (tank outlet): 17"
  • Width of trapezoid bottom (flat section): 2"
  • Overall height: 31-3/4"
  • Outlet: 1-1/2" Stainless steel welded elbow with honey gate
  • Trapezoidal bottom for added strength


  • Two removable separate wax trays with handles
  • Wax tray dimensions (ea): 18-3/4" wide x 29-3/8" long
  • Wax tray holes: 3/8" long x 1/8" wide
  • Wax tray hole layout: 3/8" centerline to centerline with 1/4" offset spacing
  • Four rolling casters (two lockable)
  • Stainless steel cover (not pictured)
  • Please note the stainless steel cover does not fit with the manual uncapping head installed.

This Lyson Classic Line product is covered by a 5-year structural and a 2-year/24-month limited warranty.