Lyson Honey Bottler

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By Lyson

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The Lyson honey bottler makes bottling your crop a breeze, allowing you to fill up to 350 1 lb. jars per hour.

Do not run pump dry as damage to impeller will occur. Lubricate with honey or food grade lubricant before starting motor.


The Lyson Honey Bottler makes bottling your harvest a breeze! Operated by foot pedal or bottler switch, this unit pumps, measures, and dispenses liquid (or creamed) honey into your containers with ease.

Honey is pumped from a tank (or pail) through a five foot (1.5m) intake hose before dispensing into the containers of your choice. This unit allows you to bottle approximately 350 one-pound (16oz) jars per hour (depending on the type and density of your honey)...what a time saver! The Lyson Honey Bottler features a programmable digital display and will dispense quantities up to 45kg (99lbs).

The Lyson honey bottler uses a flexible impeller positive displacement pump to accurately dispense honey. All of the surfaces that come in contact with honey are stainless steel or food safe plastic, and are all easy to clean.

The Lyson Honey Bottler works best with honey that is at room temperature or above. For easiest filling, connect the bottler to a tank that is level with (or slightly above) the bottling machine.The hose can also be primed with honey, and then placed into a 5 gallon pail to bottle directly from the pail.

The Lyson Honey Bottler can also be used to cream or pump honey. The discharge of the bottler has a sanitary fitting, allowing a hose to be connected. To cream honey, introduce seed crystal and then pump honey between two containers, or recirculate repeatedly in the same container. Additional hose(s) will be required. When using as a pump or creaming machine, the discharge nozzle should be removed to reduce resistance on the pump. Snap ring pliers are required to remove the discharge nozzle.

This unit includes:


  • Foot Switch
  • Adjustable Bottle Switch (choose whichever switch is more convenient for you)
  • 40mm Diameter Hose (5ft/1.5m long)



  • 200 watt; 120 volt
  • Available in 240V by special order

    Maximum bottle dimensions:


  • 10½ " (roughly 270mm) tall and 18" (roughly 460mm) wide
  • Filling range from 50g to 45kg (2oz to 99lbs)
  • Filling accuracy +/- 1% in the range of 0-1200g (0-2.6lbs); +/- 1.5% in the range above 1200g (2.6lbs)


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


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