Beginners Starter Beehive Kit

$ 199.99
By Pierco

SKU: 1506

Pierco woodenware is hand-crafted and made by beekeepers for beekeepers, made in the USA.

Our high quality fully assembled Beehive Combo kit comes fully equipped to grow your colony and start making honey! Just add Bees and go!

This Starter Beehive Starter Kit Includes:


10 Frame Assembled Deep Hive Body - Painted White

10 9 1/8" Assembled Deep Wood Frame, Black Found. Double Waxed
1 10 Frame Telescoping Lid w/ Metal Top
1 10 Frame Inner Cover
1 10 Frame Assembled Solid Bottom Board
1 Entrance Reducer
1 Bee Smoker
1 1/2 LB. Cotton Smoker Fuel
1 Hive Tool
1 Entrance Feeder