Complete, Honey Bee Food Supplement, 5 Gallon

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In response to commercial and small-scale beekeepers requests, CompleteBee has introduced our all-inclusive, all-natural complete honeybee food supplement – “Complete”. 


  • Whole Plant Polyphenols
  • Phytonutrients
  • Premium Essential Oils
  • Complete Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Amino Acids
  • Organic Herbals


Nozevit has been in use for many years as your all-natural partner in helping maintain honeybee intestinal integrity.  Many scientific papers have been published throughout the world detailing the consistent repeatable results achieved when using Nozevit as recommended.  Nozevit is an all-natural plant polyphenol and phytonutrient product using only USA and EU certified organic ingredients.  
OPTIMA is a proprietary formula of 15 all natural essential oils combined with complete vitamins, complete minerals and amino acids.  Why settle for a lesser product containing just two essential oils with HFCS and GMO lecithin added as fillers?  OPTIMA is the standard bearer of essential oil-based honeybee food supplements for being the most complete, effective, all natural, non GMO, no HFCS, and no SLS product.  Using all natural OPTIMA is still the best method for helping your bees achieve their true potential in a very challenging environment. 
Bee Cleanse is a fantastic all natural complex synergistic herbal product intended to supply essential elements that are lacking in the honeybee’s diet due to monoculture, industrial pollination, transportation stresses, and loss of natural habitat.  Queen viability and hive strength rely on adequate and diverse nutritional food sources without which the colony’s viability is compromised.  Bee Cleanse is an excellent product supplying just such diverse and nutritional elements only natural herbals can provide.  Make Bee Cleanse a part of your honeybee food supplement regimen, naturally!


For Drench Method of treating bees:

Mix 4 tsp. “Complete” in one quart 1/1 syrup as a drench 4 times 4 days apart in the Spring and again in the Fall.  Approximately 4 drenches per quart of mixed syrup.

Mix 1 liter “Complete” in 12.5 gallons syrup for drenching.

Mix 1 gallon “Complete” in 50 gallons mixed syrup for drench.

Mix 5 gallons “Complete” in 250 gallon tote for drenching.

For general feeding program: 

Add 1 tsp. “Complete” per quart of syrup for frame or hive top feeder. 

Mix 1 liter “Complete” in 50 gallons feed syrup.

Mix 4 liters “Complete” in 200 gallons feed syrup.

Mix 5 gallons “Complete” in 960 gallons feed syrup.

For Protein Patties:

Mix “Complete” in 2/1 sugar syrup as the liquid for making protein patties. 

Example: 6 gallons 2/1 sugar syrup, 500 ml “Complete, 40# commercial protein powder, 1 cup vegetable oil, ½ cup mineral salts.  Mix thoroughly, let sit overnight, package in airtight plastic lined container and refrigerate until ready to use.  Makes approximately 100#.