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Buckfast bees, a breed developed by Brother Adam at Buckfast Abbey in England, are known for several characteristics that make them popular among beekeepers:

Well-suited for Warmer Climates: Buckfast bees exhibit traits that make them particularly adaptable and thriving in regions with warmer temperatures, ensuring robust colony development and productivity even in such conditions.

Gentle temperament: Buckfast bees are known for their calm and docile nature, making them easy and enjoyable to work with.

High Honey Yields / Productivity: Buckfast bees are renowned for their high productivity, often producing large quantities of honey.

Low Swarming Propensity: Buckfast bees exhibit minimal inclination to swarm, reducing the likelihood of colony disruption and providing greater stability for beekeepers.

Exceptional Pollinators: Buckfast bees are renowned for their diligent pollination activity, enhancing crop yields and contributing to the production of high-quality honey with distinct flavor profiles.

  • Pick-Up Only - Pierco Inc. 680 Main St. Riverside, CA. 92501
  • 2024 Queens ORDER NOW!  Italian mated marked queen.
  • The Buckfast queen bee is produced and mated in Northern, CA where there is no Africanized genetics ensuring gentle behaving offspring. Yes, they can still sting.
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