Bee Cleanse - 500 ml

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Bee Cleanse provides a complete, balanced source of nutrients. Honeybees respond much better to prevention rather than chemical treatment of disease. That is where Bee Cleanse comes in.

All-natural honeybee food supplement. Contains effective ingredients to promote hygienic behavior in a beehive. Think of Bee Cleanse as a body wash for honeybees.

Contains: Proprietary Ingredients, Essential Oils, Herbs, Bacterium, Amino Acids, Proteins, Nutraceuticals, Seaweed Plants, and much more.

Mix Well Before Using

Instructions for use: Remove lid and drench every hive after every inspection to promote hygienic behavior. Recommended application interval is at every hive inspection during warm or summer months.

Mixing Instructions: Mix up to 4 teaspoons per quart 1/1 sugar syrup and drench approximately 8 oz. per hive.

For Larger Quantities:

  • Mix 1 liter Bee Cleanse in 12.5 gallons syrup. Treats 200 hives.
  • Mix 1 gallon Bee Cleanse in 48 gallons syrup. Treats 768 hives.
  • Mix 5 gallons Bee Cleanse in 250 gallons syrup. Treats 3,840 hives.