600 Micron 5 Gallon Filter Bag w/ Draw String - Reusable / Washable

$ 12.99
By Pierce

SKU: 1426

Food-Grade 600 Micron 5 Gallon Filter Bag. This item is made of ISO-certified food-grade material, meaning you don’t have to worry about any toxins altering your honey’s quality.

Not all filters are made the same way. Most industrial filters are made of resin containing highly toxic formaldehyde. Our filters are made of ISO-certified food-grade nylon material, which contains no formaldehyde.



The pollen found in honey has been shown to have many health benefits—so you do not want to filter pollen out of honey. What you do need to remove are large particles of wax. Most pollen found in honey ranges from 15 to 200μm in size. Therefore, a 600-micron mesh is an ideal size for filtering honey, keeping most of the pollen in the honey while filtering out large particles of wax—and doing so without plugging the filter mesh.