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Our frames and foundations are thoroughly inspected during production and subjected to a battery of tests to ensure a lasting, quality product. These tests include warpage tests, tolerance tests, cosmetic tests and many more. Our dimensional impact tests prove the strength and durability of our patented frame ears that set the industry standard for quality. To back it up,  Pierco tests its products in the extreme conditions bee’s can be kept in. We put our products to the test before they’re good enough to be called Pierco products.




From Polymer to Wax

We know that the quality of your honey matters to you; which means it matters to us. At PiPierco bee’s wax – premium quality, chemical-free product from domestic suppliers.erco we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We uses our proprietary blend of FDA, food-grade, plastic resin in our products to protect the quality of your honey. For this same reason, we only use premium quality, chemical-free, natural bee’s wax from pre- approved domestic beekeeping wax suppliers.




The Process                                                                                     

PiercoWaxing, Process, Masked, Controlled, Beeswax's proprietary waxing process operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your critical orders. Special procedures and care are taken to ensure food quality cleanliness during the entire process.