9 1/8” Deep Wood Frame, Black Foundation - Pallet of 750 ($2.95 ea.)

$ 2,212.50
By Pierco

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If you're seeking an alternative to wire and wax frames but aren't quite ready for all-plastic options, these wooden frames are ideal! Combining the traditional wood frame with a plastic foundation, expertly triple-coated in wax, they come fully assembled and ready for use in 9-5/8" Hive Bodies.Pierco Assembled Bee Beekeeper Frames

Crafted From Top-Tier Lumber.

Our frames are constructed using the finest select-grade white pine obtainable. Featuring a robust design with a 3/4” top bar and 1/2” bottom bar, they offer a durable framework for frequent inspections and extractions

Pierco Assembled Bee Beekeeper Frames

Renowned For Their Durability.

Pierco's signature products feature a robust design. Solid frames constructed with the strongest wood glue and 6 staples (Joints are securely bonded and reinforced with resin-coated staples) ensuring the sturdiest frame available in beekeeping industry.

Pierco Assembled Bee Beekeeper Frames

Pierco Has Been the Leading Manufacturer of Frames and Foundation Since 1977

Our frames feature Pierco Snap-In Foundation, the original choice for beekeepers. With Snap-In foundation, our frames provide the ideal foundation for bees to draw their comb swiftly. Featuring a cell pattern that mirrors natural comb and the highest quality capping beeswax coating, our frames ensure that your bees construct comb faster than with any other frame.

Pierco Assembled Bee Beekeeper Frames

  • Dimensions: 19” x 9 1/8”

  • Foundation cell size: 5.2 mm (Mirrors Natures Comb Size)

  • Beeswax: Sourced from American beekeepers; Our waxed frames boast one generous coat of 100% pure beeswax.

  • Foundation Color: Black. (Best for Brood Boxes, eggs are more visible on black background)

  • For Use: In Deep 9-5/8" hive bodies (Standard Langstroth Equipment)

  • Plastic Material: Virgin, BPA-free, food-grade plastic.

  • Case Pack: 750 Frames - arrives in 1 pallet. 
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