SuperDFM®+P801™ - 500 Applications

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For Commercial Beekeepers - Created by Scientist


  • P801, 500 Applications

  • NEW - Pediococcus Protection!

SuperDFM® empowers healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption. It replenishes the natural microbes lost due to agricultural modifications of the honey bee environment, such as pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, which are all antimicrobial and destroy microbes that honeybees would naturally forage. The microbes in SuperDFM® have been scientifically shown to reduce chalkbrood, reduce pathogens, and strengthen immunity. Now, SuperDFM®+P801™ includes the bacteria Pediococcus, which has been shown to rescue honeybees from the adverse effects of pesticides! 

• Great Value!

• Non-GMO
• All-Natural
• No Preservatives

• No Resistance Build-up
• No Animal Ingredients
• Safe to Use All Year (even during honey flow!)  
• Field-tested and refined by commercial beekeepers 


 • Dry Feed Every 30 Days

• Use 1.5 teaspoon (1 scoop) per hive

• Use MicroCloud Applicator for fast and even dispersal

• Dust powder over the top of the brood frames

• Feed 2 weeks after antimicrobial treatments

• Do not use with antibiotics

• Do not mix with syrup or patties

• No excess heat (130°F) or moisture

• Store in a cool, dry place