Lyson Motor Upgrade Kit

$ 314.99
By Lyson

SKU: 1523

Ditch the crank and adopt the purr of a Lyson extractor motor!

Tired of turning the handle? Getting a little cranky? Upgrade your small Lyson extractor to a motorized unit using this Lyson extractor motor upgrade kit.

This upgrade kit includes:

  • A 120V motor controller
  • A self-contained motor/speed reducer
  • Mounting hardware

Designed to fit these Lyson manual extractors:

It can also be adapted to fit other extractors but may require some creativity and tinkering skills to install (not included). Use this motor kit for extractors that do not have a shaft extending from the bottom of the extractor. This motor kit goes on top of the extractor and takes the place of the hand crank gearbox. Instructions are included for the Lyson models.

To Install:

Remove the hand crank gearbox and replace it with the electric motor. Note: on the Lyson 2019N, W233B, and Combo 4-frame extractors, beekeeper will need to drill two holes in the top bar to install the motor controller.

Tools required to install:

  • 17mm and 13mm wrenches or sockets
  • 5 and 6mm Allen wrenches
  • 5/16" or 8mm drill bit and electric drill (4-frame extractors only). You will be drilling two holes in the steel top bar.


  • 120V AC input to controller
  • 120 Watt/24VDC/5A motor
  • Reducer type: toothed belt reduction with sealed ball bearings and durable plastic housing
  • Speed range: 0 to 250 RPM (adjustable with knob)

Details of motor/reducer for adapting to other extractor models:

  • ID of reducer shaft which your extractor shaft will go into: 0.600" with notch for roll pin or cotter pin
  • Hole size needed in top bar of extractor: about 1". Reducer shaft OD is 7/8". This means you will need to drill or cut hole approximately 1" in diameter in the top bar if there is not already a hole that large. There are also two small bolt holes that need to be drilled for the gearbox to bolt into. To mount the controller, user may also need to drill holes to bolt the controller into place.