Lyson Manual Steam Uncapper (120 volt)

$ 3,799.99
By Lyson

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Easily prep up to five frames at a time for extraction using this Lyson Manual Steam Uncapper.

How it Works:

Up to five frames are loaded into the frame feeder which is able to be adjusted to fit various frame sizes. With the steamer plugged, powered and heated (it takes 20 minutes to heat up), the crank handle is rotated to drop the first frame into the uncapping unit where a pair of heated oscillating knives quickly and cleanly slice cappings off both sides of the frame. Continuing to crank, the frame is pushed onto the uncapping table which stores the frames and catches dripping honey until they are loaded into an extractor. The next frame is brought down and ran through the knives. This process is continued until all frames are done, or once you reach an hour, as you will be required to refill the steam generator.


  • 1500 watt steam generator 
  • Tank holds 30 frames
  • A drain valve at the bottom of the slanted tank for easy draining of honey
  • Powder coated steel legs support the uncapper
  • Stainless steel tank features removable perforated trays to catch cappings
  • Caster wheels allow easy movement of the unit
  • Honey discharge: 1-1/4" NPT ball valve


Table Dimensions

  • 150 x 54 x 110 cm

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