Lyson Auto Uncapper with Tank

$ 6,674.99
By Lyson

SKU: 1586

Uncap a moderate to large number of honey frames with ease using this automatic water heat Lyson unit with a frame storage table and tank.

The ultimate continuous use automatic uncapper. With a closed-circuit hot water system, blades maintain temperature so there is no need to refill or connect an external heater. Control the temperature with a thermostat which allows temperatures between 149-203°F (65-95°C). With automatic chain feeding, you can work on freeing frames from supers, and work in conjunction with the machine, allowing optimum efficiency.

Blades can be adjusted to desired cutting depth. Frame feeder can be adjusted to fit various frame sizes.

How it Works:

Frames are loaded into the frame feeder which holds the frames by the top bar. One frame at a time drops into the chain feeder which guides it between two oscillating heated blades. Cappings wax and honey drip into the cappings tank. After uncapping, each frame is automatically pushed onto the uncapping table awaiting manual scratching (if needed on poorly drawn frames) and extracting. A perforated tray in the bottom of the tank catches cappings and helps pre-filter your cappings honey. The tank holds about 30 frames.


  • Frames must be drawn out to at least the thickness of the top bar. The uncapping knives are set prior to uncapping based on the thickness of the top bar. The knife position can be adjusted between batches of frames if a new setting is required.

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