Lyson 4 Frame Combo Extractor

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By Lyson

SKU: 1526

Extract your honey right into its own bottling tank. With an ultra-fine mesh strainer between the extractor drum and settling tank, extracted honey is filtered and ready to be drawn from a metal gate valve in the built in bottling tank.

This tangential extractor by Lyson, uses a unique cast steel worm gear drive that allows the basket to freewheel without the handle spinning. A brake is applied by gentle backwards pressure on the crank (similar to a cruiser bicycle).


  • 25 gauge stainless steel drum with basket: Four large holes on the bottom of the drum allow honey to flow through the filter and into the tank
  • Fine-mesh screen filter: Ultra-fine mesh allows for direct bottling from the settling tank (removable for easy cleaning)
  • Settling tank with valve: Holds approximately 100 pounds of honey (generally about 2 honey supers)
  • Clear acrylic cover: Watch the whole process!
  • 1-1/4" stainless steel gate valve with O-ring seal
  • Extractor can hold 2 deep frames (9-1/8"), 4 medium frames (6-1/4") or 4 shallow frames (5-3/8")
  • Tank and Drum: 38-1/2" tall overall, 16-1/4" diameter (410mm). Tank portion is 17-1/4" tall. Weight: 33 lb.


Radial vs Tangential What is the Difference?


  • Frames are parallel with the center of the basket. Only the comb facing outward is extracted.
  • Frames must be flipped multiple times to extract both sides and to prevent blowouts where the comb breaks due to the weight of the honey.
  • Better for thicker honey as it's easier for honey to move perpendicular, than to move at a slight angle like that of the radial extractor.


  • Frames face the center at a slight angle so comb on both sides can be extracted.
  • Frames don’t need to be flipped.