Italian Queen Bee - Pickup Only @ Riverside, CA

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PICKUP DAY: Tuesday May 21st, 2024

Italian Queen Breeders are selected from stock ensuring we chose traits that have the highest hygienic performance in order to produce bees that are disease and mite-resistant or tolerant. Italians are well known for their ability to produce a high volume of brood all year long, making this breed ideal for pollination and honey production. Our Italian stock is great for any hobbyist, sideliner, or commercial beekeeper.

Italian traits:

  • Gentle and easy to manage (a good "beginner bee")
  • Prolific brood producers
  • Highly hygienic
  • Good comb builders
  • Excellent foragers
  • Excellent honey producers


  • Pick-Up Only - Pierco Inc. 680 Main St. Riverside, CA. 92501
  • 2024 Queens ORDER NOW!  Italian mated queen.
  • The Italian queen bee is produced and mated in Northern, CA where there is no Africanized genetics ensuring gentle behaving offspring. Yes, they can still sting.
  • RESTOCKING CHARGE: There is a $10 change/restocking fee per queen for cancellations/order changes after payment has been processed. For queens not picked up on the pickup date - funds will be forfeited. 

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