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Varroa Mite Test Bottle

$ 17.49

SKU: 1379
  • Conveniently includes 1/2 cup measure - stores easily inside.
  • Lid seals tight to avoid liquid leakage - lid seals tight with 3 strong clamps.
  • The basket has a built-in hook that hangs on edge of cup while liquid drains.
  • The removable basket has a handle that makes removal simple - quickly count mites.
  • The transparent bottle allows accurate counting and reliable sampling
  • Designed for effectiveness: Fallen mites pass through holes in the base and sides of the basket

Number of mites = % Varroa infestation

3% for 300 bees

2% for 200 bees

(adjust according to sample size)

Depending on location and the time of year, alert thresholds range from > 1% to 5%. Check with your local association to determine thresholds in your area.

For more Varroa Mite management - click on the link below - provided by the Honey Bee Health Coalition.

Varroa Management