Mellivo Strong Box Beekeeping Kit

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Mellivo Strong Box

MELLIVO STRONG COAT, is a military grade, fast cure, 100% solids spray polyurea polyurethane. It is utilized for protecting wooden apiary enclosures and other fragile beekeeping equipment from damage during every day use, as in from, freight loading, and exterior exposure. Our Patented coating and procedure offers a dry quickly process, which offers an exceptional resistance to tearing from impact and abrasion. We have the only product on the market that will strengthen an apiary enclosure while offering an unmatched protection against the harsh elements of nature. Once cured, our Patented MELLIVO STRONG COAT gives a textured vinyl-like feel. Rest assured the coating penetrates deeply into the pores of the wood for a bond that will not come off.


  • 1 Mellivo Strong Coated Telescoping Top
  • 1 Inner-Cover
  • 1 Mellivo Strong Coated Deep Boxes
  • 10 Deep Assembled Frames with Pierco Waxed Foundation
  • 1 Entrance Reducer
  • 1 Mellivo Strong Coated Solid Bottom Board