10 Frame Ross Round Assembled Super Kit

$ 175.00
By Misc.

SKU: 1455

This is the only kit you need to get started producing America's most popular comb honey! The Ross Rounds® super makes 32 beautiful, all-natural round sections of honey. Simply add the Ross Rounds® super to your hive and let the bees fill in the round rings with honey. Once they are capped, remove the sections, add the covers and a label. Kit comes fully assembled.

*Requires wax foundation, SKU 1456, sold separately - Click here to view Wax Sheets.

Each kit comes with the following:

  • 1 Assembled Super
  • 8 Visicheck frames
  • 64 section rings
  • 32 opaque covers
  • 32 crystal covers
  • 3 springs