10 Frame, Full Telescopic Lid - Wax Dipped/Weatherproof

$ 23.99

SKU: 1089

It is often called a telescoping top cover because it hangs over the hive body. It is very important to allow for some ventilation at the top of the hive in the winter. Without some top ventilation, condensation can develop on the inside of the top of the hive, and drip cold water down onto the winter cluster of bees.

Full telescopic Hive cover made from MDO plywood for versatility of weather protecting and durability (no Warping) with pine cleats

READ MORE ABOUT PARAFFIN/ROSIN DIPPED BOXES: After assembly, 100% of the box is submerged into the pre-heated solution which extracts moisture from the wood cells and the solution penetrates those cells acting as a sealant.  
WHY IS THERE MORE WAX ON DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE BOX, AND LESS WAX ON OTHER PARTS?  The cambium and cells of the wood are not all the same size; some cells are larger than others thereby absorbing more (or less) wax, but rest assured, the entire box is weatherproofed.