10 Frame, Basic MDO Bottom Board - Wax Dipped

$ 17.99

SKU: 1092

Quality flat bottom board with attached 3/4" pine bee-ways provides a simple, yet effective means for providing the bees with an entrance to the hive:

  • Fits a standard Langstroth Hive
  • Made from High Density Laminate (HDO) Plywood with attached 3/4" pine bee-ways
  • Dipped in Paraffin and Tree Rosin to provide extra protection against weather conditions!
  • Dims: 16-1/4" X 21 5/8" with attached 3/4" Beeways
READ MORE ABOUT PARAFFIN/ROSIN: After assembly, 100% of the box is submerged into the pre-heated solution which extracts moisture from the wood cells and the solution penetrates those cells acting as a sealant.  
WHY IS THERE MORE WAX ON DIFFERENT PARTS, AND LESS WAX ON OTHER PARTS?  The cambium and cells of the wood are not all the same size; some cells are larger than others thereby absorbing more (or less) wax, but rest assured, the entire box is weatherproofed.